5 #FACTS About Me






I'm a full-blown ball of energy! No caffeine, no sugar, no energy drinks, and I'm still "on 10" almost all of the time.

I'm a doctor, but not the kind who can save your life. I have a PhD, and spent way too long in school.(Yup, me and Sallie Mae are damn-near family at this point.)

I'm a mother of two beautiful children who could care less about my credentials. They just want their snuggles and food on time every day... or else.

I spent the first half of my life playing by the rules, striving to be the "best" student, employee, wife, and entrepreneur... and I failed miserably.

I've gone from a fitting room attendant  at The Gap, to an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and national speaker on all things career, diversity, and business. I believe God put me here to impact not impress, and I want to have a positive impact on you!


I thank God for every day that I wake up. But I'm also aware that every new day is one less day that I'll be here on earth. I have a responsibility to make each day count, and you do too.

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